RPL & Credit Transfer

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Recognition of Prior Learning is a form of assessment that recognises skills and knowledge gained through:

  • formal training conducted by industry or an education provider
  • work experience
  • life experience

The main principle of RPL focuses on the outcomes rather than how, when or where the learning occurred. It gives you credit for skills and knowledge acquired at work and at home, or through clubs, hobbies and other activities.

RPL can be applied for:

  • A whole course / qualification (each unit of competency in a course is addressed individually)
  • Unit(s) of competency that make up a qualification

Anyone can apply however, a reasonable amount of experience in the area their chosen course covers is expected from an applicant. Life skills, if relevant to the course, can also earn credits.

The overall course duration may be reduced if RPL is granted for unit(s) of competency.


The process

The RPL process involves building a portfolio of evidence, and undertaking a final assessment with a TLC Learning assessor.

  1. Contact TLC Learning for information on what to include in your portfolio and how to structure it.
  2. Complete and submit a RPL Kit that includes self-evaluation, portfolio of evidence and map your skills and knowledge with each element of the unit of competency.
  3. Pay the applicable RPL fee and book a time for an assessment.
  4. Undertake a practical demonstration of your skills with an RPL Assessor.
  5. Complete a final interview with an RPL Assessor.


Fee associated with RPL application:

If a student is applying for RPL for a full qualification, the fee charged is the same as a normal course fee.

If a student is not applying for RPL for a full qualification, the fee is charged per unit of competency. This may reduce the fee for the full qualification should a student decides to enrol at a later stage.

Please refer to Fee & Refund Policy and Procedure for more information about fees and charges.


Credit Transfer (CT)

You may be eligible for a credit transfer if you have prior learning in the same unit of competency at another Australian educational institution.

The overall course duration may be reduced if CT is granted for units of competency.

There's no fee charged for a Credit Transfer application. The total course fee may be reduced for the qualification that student is or going to enrol in depending on the number of approved units.

The CT application form is available on request.

For more information about RPL & Credit Transfer, Please read our RPL & Credit Transfer Policy and Procedure.