RPL & credit transfer

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL is a form of assessment that recognises skills and knowledge gained through:

  • formal training conducted by industry or education
  • work experience
  • life experience

The main principle of RPL focuses on the outcomes rather than how, when or where the learning occurred. It gives you credit for skills and knowledge acquired at work and at home, or through clubs, hobbies and other activities.

Anyone can apply however a reasonable amount of experience in the area their chosen course covers is expected from a successful applicant. Life skills, if relevant to the course, can also earn credits.

Recognition of Prior Learning attracts $275 credit off the course fee per unit.

For more information about RPL, please download the RPL pdf.

Credit transfer

You may be eligible for a credit transfer if you have prior learning in the same unit at another educational institution.

If you believe that you are entitled to exemptions or credit transfers, please contact TLC Learning for further information.